What are Premier League’s most controversial football players? Here, we’ll chronicle the biggest Premier League scandals of players to have hit this football event in its relatively short history. 

Never far from a bit of controversy, the Premier League has been home to some spectacular controversy in its 22-year history. Football fans love a narrative, and every good story features a compelling villain. In celebration of everything that is wrong with the game, here’s a look at Premier League’s most controversial football players. 

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Top 7 Premier League Most Controversial Football Players 1

Mesut Ozil, who was known for his outstanding quality on the ball but low work rate during his time at Arsenal. Arsenal great Paul Merson has labeled playmaker Mesut Ozil as one of the ‘worst players off the ball’ while hammering the German’s ‘disinterested’ demeanor on the pitch. Mesut Ozil has been absent from three of the four Arsenal matchday squads since the Premier League restart. Despite Arsenal struggling for creativity in the final third, Mesut Ozil hasn’t played a single minute of football since the restart.


Top 7 Premier League Most Controversial Football Players 2

Firmino is arguably Liverpool’s most important player. What he brings to the team is much more than goals but talk inevitably always turns to output. The Liverpool No.9 has played his part in the team’s success. However, he often has to receive ridicule from rival fans for scoring too few goals.


Top 7 Premier League Most Controversial Football Players 3

Another name on most controversial premier league players ever is no one but Paul Pogba. 

Paul Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team. He operates primarily as a central midfielder, but can also be deployed as a left winger, attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder and deep-lying playmaker.

This man and his controversies seem to go hand in hand, with the player often involved in various incidents. It seems as if the player might get into more trouble with the recent off-filed incident.


Top 7 Premier League Most Controversial Football Players 4

One of the most combative and arguably violent players in the history of the Premier League scandals.

Roy Keane’s excellent footballing ability has perhaps overshadowed some of the controversies attached to him throughout his career. That’s why he has his own place on most controversial football players list.

He infamously confessed to deliberately attempting to end the career of Norwegian international Alf Inge-Haaland during a Manchester derby in 2001. The revelation prompted a retrospective £150,000 fine and five game ban, while Haaland never played a full 90 minutes again.


Top 7 Premier League Most Controversial Football Players 5

One of the kings of controversy, who labelled as most controversial premier league players ever, wherever he has been in his career, Luis Suarez makes his first – but not his last! – appearance on our list of controversial moments.

Phenomenal player, however after racially abusing Patrice Evra, biting three players over the course of his career, and illegally using his hands to block a goal that would have sent Ghana through to the semi-finals of the 2010 world cup. He’s hardly a likable player.


Top 7 Premier League Most Controversial Football Players 6

Often regarded as the biggest ‘Judas’ figure in Premier League history, Campbell was an incredibly highly rated defender with Tottenham Hotspur. Having previously claimed he would never play for Arsenal, the centre back did just that in 2001, running down his contract and crossing the North London divide. The move would prove to be a wise one for Sol, leading to three FA Cups and two Premier League titles – but he also cem


Top 7 Premier League Most Controversial Football Players 7

Bowyer wasted no time in tainting his career with controversy, being charged with affray and racial abuse of an Asian McDonalds worker while still a teenager. He was again involved in a court case involving an incident in a Leeds nightclub also involving teammate Jonathan Woodgate, but only the latter was found guilty. Bowyer’s most infamous moment came while playing for Newcastle later in his career. In 2005, he and Kieron Dyer fought one another in an astonishing brawl, leading to a pair of red cards and a £30,000 FA-imposed fine.

That’s all for most controversial football players in Premier League. Who do you think should have name on this list? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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