“Classic” goals in the EURO Finals: Ronaldo’s beautiful ending

The UEFA European Championship, or EURO, is a crucible where the best of European footballing talent clash. But within these grand tournaments, it’s the final moments, the winning goals, that truly etch themselves into history.

This piece revisits some of the most iconic strikes that secured EURO glory, culminating in Cristiano Ronaldo’s unforgettable contribution that provided a storybook ending to his international career. We’ll delve into the brilliance of these goals, the context of the matches, and the lasting impact they’ve had on the beautiful game. So, lace up your boots and prepare to relive the drama as we explore these “classic” goals that decided the fate of the EURO Championship.

1. Portugal 1-0 France (Euro 2016 Final)

Portugal’s entry to EURO 2016 was not appreciated except for having Cristiano Ronaldo’s superstar. The Brazilian opponent scored three major goals in helping the home team to the Finals.

"Classic" goals in the EURO Finals: Ronaldo's beautiful ending - 1

Against the French national team, Pepe and his teammates had a lot of trouble and a lot more losses when CR7 had to leave the field due to an injury. The Portuguese then played hard for 90 minutes.

By the end of the game, the Eder had a breakthrough out of the ban that silenced the French national team. It was also the only goal that brought the Portuguese team to the tournament in a way that could not be more dramatic.

2. England 1-1 Italy (Pen: 2-3, EURO 2020 Finals)

Britain is clearly the number one candidate for EURO 2020 after moving straight into the Finals without a lot of obstacles. Faced with an experienced Italian team, Luke Shaw helped the home team get ahead early.

"Classic" goals in the EURO Finals: Ronaldo's beautiful ending - 2

However, after a series of missed opportunities. Harry Kane and his teammates lost in the second half to Bonucci.

The Finals lasted 120 minutes, but they couldn’t tell the winner and were forced to use the 11m series to find the champion. Fate continues to mock you for the England team when Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho kicked the penalty and they lost the match.

3. Germany 0-1 Spain (Euro 2008 Finals)

"Classic" goals in the EURO Finals: Ronaldo's beautiful ending - 3

The Euro 2008 Final was a very tight match, with the two teams adhering to the rule of law, showing a positive attitude in each line of deployment.

But the moment the star of Fernando Torres, the player of the big games, brought home the only goal of the game, winning the championship for the Bulls from the hands of Michael Ballack, Miroslav Klose or Bastian Schweinsteiger.

4. Spain 0–0 Portugal (Pen: 4–2, Euro 2012 semifinals)

"Classic" goals in the EURO Finals: Ronaldo's beautiful ending - 4

More appreciated, but the Spanish team has had a lot of difficulty before Portugal in a struggle of pressure and fierce controversy.

Cristiano Ronaldo has repeatedly led the Spanish team into misery with a lot of kick-offs and decisive finishes.

Both teams “eat back” for 120 minutes and have to take each other into a penalty series to find the winner.

With a strong mentality, Spain won 4–2, deserving to be in the final to defend the championship.

On the Spanish side, only Alonso’s shot was blocked by goalkeeper Patricio, the rest of Iniesta, Pique, Ramos and Fabregas were successful. Meanwhile, on the Portuguese side, only Pepe and Nani beat Casillas, the rest of Moutinho’s shot was blocked by Casillas and Alves hit the horizon.