Diana Flores Flag Football Player: Everything You Need to Know

Who is Diana Flores flag football player? Why is she so popular these days? Let’s find down all things about her in this article.

Diana Flores, the elusive and swift quarterback, has become a beloved figure among football enthusiasts, captivating their hearts and minds. At the young age of 24, Diana has already accomplished numerous remarkable feats, establishing herself as a rising and promising star in the realm of football. While she may have been relatively obscure before, Flores’ prominence is steadily increasing, exemplified by her prominent role in the National Football League’s “Run With It” advertisement. So, what is the secret behind her triumph? Let us delve into Diana Flores’ profile to uncover more about this exceptional flag football player.

Who is Diana Flores? 

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The Pro Bowl coaching staff was recently announced in an NFL press release, highlighting Flores’ remarkable football background.

At just 16 years old, Flores became a member of the Mexican Women’s Flag National Team in 2014. Her skills and dedication contributed to Mexico’s victory in the 2022 World Games, where they secured a gold medal.

Interestingly, Flores shares a connection with her NFC partner, Krouch. She is the only quarterback who has managed to defeat Krouch in the international tournament. Apart from that, Krouch boasts an impressive record of 19-1 on that stage.

Referred to as “Tochito,” Flores had the opportunity to meet First Lady Jill Biden in January during an NFL event held in Mexico. This encounter further highlights her involvement and recognition within the football community.

Diana Flores is a World Games gold medalist

In the inaugural inclusion of flag football at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, the host nation, United States, found themselves in a fierce battle against Mexico. Led by Flores, the Mexican team showcased their dominance, securing a resounding victory in the gold medal game.

During this championship clash, Flores exhibited her exceptional skills by completing 20 out of 28 passes, accumulating an impressive 210 yards and scoring four touchdowns. Mexico’s triumph was evident as they outplayed the U.S., concluding the match with a commanding score of 39-6.

She has been a mainstay for Mexico’s team at a very young age

Flores, despite being in her twenties, has almost a decade of experience playing for her national team. She received her first call-up at the age of 16 in 2014 and has represented the Mexico Women’s Flag National Team in various international tournaments from 2014 to 2022.

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She started playing at 8

Flores initiated her involvement in the sport at the age of 8 in her native city of Ciudad de Mexico, as she disclosed to NFL en Espanñol. During that period, Flores mentioned the scarcity of age divisions, resulting in her participation alongside and in opposition to individuals aged 16 and 17.

Flores aims to bring flag football to the 2028 Olympics

The NFL and the International Federation of American Football are actively advocating for flag football to be included in the sports lineup for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. As part of their strategic approach, Flores has been appointed as an ambassador to support this endeavor.

In addition to her role as an ambassador, Flores has also been designated as an offensive coordinator for the upcoming NFL Pro Bowl Games. This further solidifies her significant involvement in the ongoing efforts to promote flag football as an Olympic sport.

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